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BCG’s Best Tips for Excelling in Case Competitions

We asked our partners at the Copenhagen office of BCG for tips and tricks to excel (Pun intended) at case competitions. This is their key learnings:

Christian Langkjær Nielsen – Consultant at the Copenhagen Office of BCG

Timebox your calendar in order to have a more effective workday. It might look mechanical but really ensures you get structure and efficiency out of your day. Always have a prioritized to do list next to you to ensure you have clarity on the tasks ahead and not try to solve 10 things simulatenously.

Besides time-management, you need to solve the case. Case or problem solving is at the heart of what we do at BCG – first defining the solution, and then driving the change to make it reality.

Feel free to connect with Christian here.

Henriette Henriksen – Consultant at the Copenhagen Office of BCG

Plan your day and create time blocks for smaller pieces of work. This includes setting breaks and time boundaries for when you want to be done with your day! Prioritize, say no and focus on your most important tasks first. We often get caught up in e-mails and non-important requests, but remember to consider what is most important / has most impact. Be mindful of your own habits, and create the most optimal work environment – When and in what environment do you work best (working in isolation, with no distractions) and what gives you energy and motivation (breaks, working with co-students/workers). Ultimately you want to reduce procrastination and increase effectiveness.

Feel free to connect with Henriette here.


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