About our organization


Unlocking the full potential
of every IB student




our students to solve real problems in diverse industries.


students explore potential career paths up close.


IB'ers to leverage their full potential in an inclusive and ambitious learning environment

Bridging the gap between career and school

IBCC works toward the vision of unlocking the full potential of every IB student. Our mission is to prepare students for a career in business by challenging them with real-life business cases in an ambitious and joyful environment. IBCC was established in 2014 and organized the first case competition in 2015. Since then, we've grown tremendously. One of our main functions is to facilitate networking and recruiting for IB students and their potential employers (our partners). 

Program 2019

§ February 21: PowerPoint workshop
§ April 5: IBCC Inspires 
§ April 11: Crack-a-case workshop
§ April 24: Case launch
§ April 26: Semi-finals & Grand final

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