IB Case Competition

Unlocking the potential of all IB students

IB Case Competition

IB Case Competition is organised by the IBCC Team. We have a mission to empower IB students with exceptional learning opportunities, unforgettable experiences, and long lasting relationships with fellow students and corporate partners. We help our students explore potential career paths up close. We equip our students to solve real life problems in ways that books and lectures cannot. We bring IBers together to make them unified, unique and able to achieve more than otherwise possible. Plenty of opportunities await you – go catch them!

How do I benefit from IBCC?

• You learn to apply theoretical knowledge into actual problem-solving
• You will be part of one of the most acknowledged Case Competitions
• You will be solving a real life case that a business is currently struggling with
• You get to show off your skills in front of industry leaders
• You get the opportunity to expand your professional network

Teams of maximum 4 students work under time pressure to solve the case using simulated business conditions such as time-critical deadlines and incomplete information, to conceptualise realistic, action-oriented recommendations.

You get 24 hours to solve a complicated business case with your team before you will present your proposals.

Hereafter, 9 semi-finalist teams will qualify for the semi-finals at BCG offices and get to present their proposal in front of partner juries. The 3 finalists will get feedback by our corporate advisors before presenting again Friday evening in front of a huge IB crowd and a jury composed of top business leaders. One winning team will receive a prize of DKK 10.000 and can call themselves winners of the IB Case Competition.

Each year we present a new case with absolute relevancy for the challenges in the current world of business. We partner with companies that want hear about your take on a challenge that they are facing. You can check out our previous cases, which are all available for download at our website.

IBCC Program 2018

Below, you can find a complete overview of the IBCC events 2018. Make sure to keep yourself updated by following our Facebook.

IBCC Calender 2018
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IBCC Program 2017

More information on all events can be found under ‘events’ at our Facebook page. 

• 9 March: IBCC Inspires: The Leaders of Today Aim to Inspire the Leaders of Tomorrow. Meet the Senior Vice President, the CFO and the Managing Partner of Dong Energy, Scandinavian Tobacco Group, and BCG at Hotel Marriott for a talk about career paths and life as top management.
• 21 April: BCG Workshop, teaching the methods of consulting and case cracking. Watch BCG walk you through a perfect case solution and learn how to imitate the art.
• 26 April: Official case-launch with advice from corporate advisors and presentation by the case company’s CEO followed by 24 hours of case-cracking.
• 28 April: Semi-finals at BCG offices for the top 9 teams followed by refinement and advice from our corporate advisors. In the evening, the 3 finalists will present their proposals for a huge crowd of IB students and our Partners’ top management at the Odd Fellow Mansion. We will end the evening off with big celebrations.